If you have a long hair, Shall we do the Hair Donation?

My friend’s Hair Donation!

Hi! This is Yumi of hair relax Suu!

Do you know hair Donation??
It is give somebody your hair. 
If you have a long hair ( over 30cm )
you can give your hair to the people in  need. 

Some of child need your hair is Because that they lost their hair , which is cancer , illness, or something. 

Today’s guest 


She is my friend!
I met her for the first time,  She is 21years old and I’m 25. 

When I saw her, She had a bob hair. 
Then She try to get a long hair. 

About 2 to 3 years She can got a long hair.

She didn’t know Here can do the Hair Donation. 


If you want try to hair Donation, please let me know!

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